Enova Systems To Develop and Build a New Electric Tram

25 July 2000

Enova Systems announced that it has been awarded a contract to develop electric trams for airports, parks, and other high capacity transit applications. The first Airport Tram is already scheduled for delivery to Hawaii in January 2001 under a program managed by the Hawaii Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project, part of Hawaii's High Technology Development Corporation, and is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation. This new vehicle will combine the advanced Panther(TM) electric propulsion and energy management systems built by Enova Systems with the lightweight composite vehicle body and chassis built by APS systems. The all-electric, low-floor tram includes a passenger power car and two passenger trailers, and is capable of moving up to 100 people quickly, quietly, and efficiently in air-conditioned comfort. Global target markets for this type of tram system include airport terminal facilities, recreational parks, and other transportation environments that require moving large numbers of people. Enova Systems, with headquarters in Torrance, Calif. and offices in Hawaii and Korea, is a leading designer, eveloper, and manufacturer of electric, hybrid-electric, and fuel cell propulsions systems and components for the global vehicle market.

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