Composite Automobile Research Ltd - Columbian Grand Opening

11 July 2000

Composite Automobile Research Ltd. is pleased to announce that company executives have recently returned from Bogota Columbia. The purpose for the trip was to attend WorldStar Paez's official launch of its WorldStar product line. On the evening of Thursday July 6, 2000, over 800 people from the Columbian media and financial community attended the unveiling by WorldStar Paez of two of its prototype versions of the WorldStar vehicle scheduled to begin full-scale production in the very near future. WorldStar Paez company officials are quoted as saying, "We are extremely happy with the reception that we received from both the media and the financial community here in Columbia for this well attended event. It is anticipated that many new business relationships will be started by way of this event and many existing relationships will be strengthened, now that we have demonstrated that the WorldStar vehicle can be successfully built." It is anticipated that as a direct result of the presentations put forth by WorldStar Paez and the strong positive reaction from the people in attendance, that business in the South American region should begin to show positive growth in the near future. World Transport Authority Inc. is expecting that once budgeting and financial plans are agreed to with local partners, that future production rates and expansion plans for both vehicle and factory production will be able to be publicly announced by the company. Composite Automobile Research Ltd. and orld Transport Authority Inc. serve the emerging world's transportation needs through in country manufacturing facilities, utilizing local semi-skilled labour to produce the WorldStar line of utility vehicles.

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