Joint Development Of Fuel Cell Bicycle

07 December 2000

Manhattan Scientifics announced that it has entered into an agreement with Aprilia, S.p.A., one of Europe's largest manufacturers of motor scooters and motorcycles, to develop a fuel cell powered concept bicycle. Aprilia unveiled the bicycle, a version of Manhattan Scientifics' Hydrocycle(TM) bicycle, this week at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy. One of the best known and most respected makers of motorcycles and scooters in Europe, Aprilia also is well known throughout the world for its racing achievements. Aprilia said it is using the fuel cell technology developed by Manhattan Scientifics' European affiliate NovArs GmbH because of its significant weight and size advantages over other fuel cell technologies. Manhattan Scientifics' unique mid range fuel cell technology (two watts to two kilowatts) is being developed by NovArs at its facility in Passau, Germany. The NovArs unique approach to fuel cell design uses advanced composite materials and sealing technology to minimize size and weight. This makes it ideal as a power source for portable electronic equipment. The technology is also applicable for motorized scooters, wheel chairs, industrial vehicles, small boats, golf carts, portable appliances such as cordless power tools and household utensils and lightweight portable power packs. NovArs GmbH is a two-year-old German company founded to develop advanced fuel cells, materials and concepts. It was started in 1998 by Dr. Arthur Koschany, a scientist with six years experience in the development of large fuel cell systems for automotive applications. Manhattan Scientifics acquired both current and future global intellectual property rights to NovArs' unique technology in 1999. Manhattan Scientifics is providing R&D funding to NovArs to further develop its technologies.

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