American Flywheel Systems, Trinity Flywheel Power Merge

07 December 2000

Two privately held companies, American Flywheel Systems, Inc. (AFS) and Trinity Flywheel Power (Trinity), today merged and created AFS Trinity Power Corporation (AFS Trinity) to address the $12 billion market for power technology serving the digital economy. According to Edward W. Furia, who is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company, American Flywheel Systems, Inc., founded in 1990, is "the oldest and most technology-rich" flywheel power and energy storage company, and Trinity Flywheel Power is the first-to-market with advanced composite flywheel ride-through products. He said, " By infusing both AFS capital and technology into Trinity's compact and reliable flywheel ride-rough and UPS systems, we intend to leapfrog chemical battery and other flywheel UPS and ride-through solutions. The company said its products target the back-up power problems of a wide range of customers, such as digital equipment operators, hospitals, Internet service providers, semiconductor makers, airport control towers, credit card companies, commercial buildings and others who need clean, reliable, uninterruptible power.

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