Boeing Selects BFGoodrich to Supply Heated Drain Masts

21 December 2000

The BFGoodrich Company has been selected to supply heated drain masts for all models of Boeing 757, 767, 777 and Next-Generation 737 commercial airplanes in a long term contract. BFGoodrich also has an existing contract in which it supplies heated drain masts for Boeing 747 models. Custom designed to fit each model of the Boeing commercial airplanes fleet, BFGoodrich's composite heated drain masts are part of the airplane's integrated water system, which involves water storage, delivery and disposal. The heated drain masts discharge water from the airplane's potable water system, maintaining water temperature above freezing. BFGoodrich's specialty heated composites are designed to provide superior reliability and efficiency, while meeting cost and performance needs. The heated drain masts offer dependable heater performance, significant cost savings and reduced overall weight by combining proven heating technology and state-of-the-art composite materials. The. BFGoodrich Aerospace De-Icing and Specialty Systems, the leader in the development and manufacture of airplane ice protection systems for nearly 70 years, has expanded its sales offering to include a wide variety of aircraft heated products, potable water systems and specialty composites.

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