Tunable Nanotubes.

14 December 2000

Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University have found that by rotating a carbon nanotube, they can control its ability to conduct electrical current to another material, just as you can control the flow of electricity to lights by turning a dimmer switch. The discovery marks the first time scientists have been able to show that by rotating a nanostructure they can control its electrical resistance. That knowledge could be especially useful to researchers working in fields like wireless communications or micro-robotics by making it easier for them to design electronic devices and actuating systems -- on/off power switches and the like -- at the nanoscale level.• Integrex Testing Systems Adds New e-CRM Feature to Web Site Integrex Testing Systems has introduced an electronic customer relationship management tool to enhance communication with its customers. The new e-CRM tool - operating through HumanClick customer service software - allows easy electronic dialogue with the ustomer Solutions Team. "This is a first in the contract testing and consulting industry," says Ben Blanquera, Customer Solutions Manager for INTEGREX. "We are excited about offering our clients this new feature, making it easier for our customers to do business with us. Integrex is committed to leveraging the power of the Internet while preserving the human interaction required to provide solutions to our customers." Based in Granville, Ohio, INTEGREX Testing Systems offers contract testing, product development support and consulting services.

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