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Adam Aircraft,FAA Type Certification

14 December 2000

Adam Aircraft today announced that it is embarking on the first phase of aircraft "type" certification and, in the process, will be among the first private U.S. aircraft manufacturers to utilize the FAA's new streamlined process for aircraft certification, called the Certification Process Improvement (CPI). Adam Aircraft will be working closely with the FAA to achieve certification of the new Adam M-309 -- a six-seat, pressurized, centerline-thrust twin-engine, carbon-composite aircraft designed by Burt Rutan. Pending FAA certification, the Adam M-309 is slated for production in 2003. The Certification Process Improvement is designed to streamline the aircraft certification process, while ensuring full regulatory compliance and safety. Specifically, the CPI involves more direction and feedback from the FAA at earlier stages in the certification process, increased and ongoing communication with the FAA during the process (rather than at the end of it), and an increased use of FAA "designees" -- third-party, technical experts in such areas as composites, aerodynamics, avionics and more. The advanced, single-cure carbon composite technology incorporated into the Adam M-309 affords a sleeker and more flexible wing design than metal, and also eliminates riveted seams, creating a superior performing aerodynamic surface. Along with being corrosion free, composite materials used for the Adam M-309 also result in a larger inside cabin size with the same outside mold line. Adam Aircraft Industries (, based in Englewood, Colo., is dedicated to the creation of an ultra-modern, twin-engine aircraft -- the new Adam M-309, a six-seat pressurized, "push-pull" aircraft designed by Burt Rutan.

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