New Generation Of Anodizing

08 August 2000

Microplasmic Corporation, a start-up research and development company, has developed a unique ceramic coating technology called the Microplasmic Process, for which a U.S.A. patent is pending. The Microplasmic Process creates a thick ceramic coating which exhibits excellent resistance to wear, heat and chemical corrosion. Additionally, the coating acts as an electrical insulator. It is environmentally sound, quick, totally different and far superior to current hard anodizing processes. Light and inexpensive aluminum and magnesium coated with the Microplasmic Process can replace heavier steel or more expensive composite materials required by many manufacturing industries - including transportation, process, electronic, chemical, sports and others. "The Microplasmic Process utilizes electrochemical micro arc oxidation to produce extremely hard ceramic coating," states Jerry Patel, President & CEO, Any desired coating thickness can be achieved with all aluminum and magnesium alloys. Furthermore, speedy production, inexpensive equipment, economy of raw materials and total environmental safety makes the Microplasmic Process an attractive and commercially viable business."

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