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Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. Secures $1 Million Credit Line Financing

30 August 2000

Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. announced that it has secured a $1M credit line with Bombardier Capital Inc. with the ability to expand up to a $2M credit line in the future. As previously announced Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. is expanding into markets that complement SJPI's current business. These new businesses are closely related to Sonic Jet Performance, Inc.'s existing activities while others would be entirely new, such as the OEM outsourcing venture by Sonic Jet Performance, Inc. ( to provide fiberglass fabrication and outsourcing services to the marine/boating and other industries at its extended China operations. Sonic Jet Performance is dedicated to producing leading edge, state of the art pleasure boat and watercraft utilizing the highest design and performance standards. The company is a fully integrated commercial watercraft and recreational/sport boat manufacturing and sales company which operates both in the U.S. and internationally. The company's products combine power, safety, and stable handling in rough water and high-speed performance.

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