Russian balloonists offering low-cost method to raise "Kursk"

30 August 2000

Russian balloonists said they have all the necessary technologies and opportunities to raise the sunken nuclear submarine Kursk, with the cost of the whole operation twice as low compared with foreign bids. The technical potential of the organizations comprising Russia's Aeronautics Society (RVO) is on par with or even exceeds Britain's Linstrand Balloons which asked six million dollars for its participation in the Kursk salvage operation, RVO officials told Itar-Tass. Earlier, the RVO developed a unique fastening technology and a method to produce pontoons from kevlar which boasts much greater strength and lightness than the material used by Linstand Balloons. The RVO officials said the company would only use domestic materials, and that Russia has enough rubber-making companies to cope with the order to produce pontoons for the salvage effort. Even if imported materials are used, the cost of works by Russian aeronautics companies will be at least twice as low compared with the British proposal, the RVO emphasized.

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