Caribbean Motor Works Takes Orders for Ice Machines

30 August 2000

Caribbean Motor Works, best known for its Islander Sport Utility Vehicle, has begun taking orders for ice machines. The ice machine business was conceived to take advantage of CMW's formidable fiberglass manufacturing capability. The company has been taken by surprise by the strong interest in the ice machines. Bob Russell, CEO, expressed delight, "We anticipated the market to be limited to hotels and food service establishments; however, the market is far broader. We have tentative orders from construction companies who want units to provide ice for crews in the field, the Barbados Regiment and the Barbados telephone company want units. We have interest from cafes, from tours, from fishermen and fishing boatyards, from airport shops, from sports clubs, from golf courses. To our knowledge we are the only manufacturer of ice machines in the Caribbean. Our cost structure gives us a tremendous advantage in the market." Because of the high demand, a new production line has been established to produce the bins from basic raw materials to a high impact and rust proof fiberglass unit using molds produced in house. All installation, testing, and quality control checks are conducted in the plant prior to installation by CMW-trained staff at the customer location. Caribbean Motor Works manufactures the sporty Islander off-road Sport Utility Vehicle and ice machines in Barbados.

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