Pacific Aerospace & Electronics order for Titanium/Composite modules

22 August 2000

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc, an international fully integrated manufacturing company specializing in technically demanding components and assemblies, announced that it has received a new order from Lockheed Martin to supply X-band radar electronic modules based on the Company's high efficiency thermal transfer interconnect packaging technology. The order was placed with the Interconnect Division of Pacific Aerospace & Electronics' U.S. Electronics Group, and is valued at approximately $1.1 million. To date, the Company has received orders in excess of $3 million for its new titanium/composite series electronic packaging components. PA&E's titanium/composite electronic packaging technology presents several advantages over alternate solutions. First and foremost is the highly efficient thermal transfer property associated with the composite/titanium metal structure that allows rapid heat dissipation for today's high-power electronic packaging demands. In addition, the optimum lightweight materials and low coefficient of thermal expansion offer customers significant benefits in satellite and defense applications where the cost-per-pound to launch is a driving factor. Pacific Aerospace & Electronics Inc. is an international engineering and manufacturing company specializing in technically demanding component designs and assemblies for global leaders in the aerospace, defense, electronics, medical, telecommunications, energy and transportation industries.

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