Fairchild Corporation Expands Structural Components Facilities

18 August 2000

The Fairchild Corporation announced today that M&M Machine & Tool Co. would be renamed Fairchild Aerostructures Company, and will open an additional manufacturing facility that will significantly expand the capacity of its production and assembly operations. "This expansion will add new capabilities complementing our manufacturing core with the value added services our customers are now seeking," stated Eric Steiner, President of The Fairchild Corporation. "Fairchild Aerostructures Company will now be able to vigorously pursue new programs requiring superior quality and on-time deliveries. At the same time it will better facilitate inventory management, JIT, process flow, supply chain management and a range of value added services for our customers," added Dr. Steiner. Founded in 1965, and located in Huntington Beach, California since January 1994, Fairchild Aerostructures uses customized manufacturing equipment to produce specialized and unique structural components for commercial and military aircraft, rockets, and satellites.. Composite machining, bonding, tool design and fabrication are also an integral part of the services performed by Fairchild Aerostructures. Fairchild Aerostructures became a member of the Fairchild family in 1999 as part of Fairchild's acquisition of Kaynar Technologies.

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