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Composite Solutions May Help Hospitals

18 August 2000

Composite Solutions, Inc. today that it has begun a campaign to educate healthcare administrators on the advantages composite retrofit solutions provide. As mandatory seismic upgrade requirements edge toward their deadlines, a growing number of news stories detailing California hospitals' financial burden of meeting the state's stringent seismic compliance requirements have appeared over the past several months. None of the articles have included the latest technology available for meeting those requirements. CSI licenses composite technology from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to structurally retrofit buildings to resist seismic events. Test programs conducted by Dr. Frieder Seible at UCSD's Powell Laboratories have shown the ability of composite materials to satisfy performance requirements of existing columns and walls. This provides enormous benefit to operating medical facilities that fear the operational impact and costs associated with adding steel jackets to columns and additional concrete to walls, as described in a recent San Diego Union Tribune Article

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