Tesla Magnetic Ltd announces the formation of Futura Composites

01 August 2000

Tesla Magnetic Ltd announced the formation of Futura Composites BV, the continuation of the activities of Epicon Alkmaar BV. Under the leadership of N J Pereboom, Futura will operate independently from Marconistraat 40, 1704RG , Heerhugowaard, Netherlands. All your points of contact with Epicon - people and telephone/fax numbers will continue unchanged. Futura has taken over all guarantee and service obligations from Epicon. Tesla Magnetic Ltd is the parent company of Tesla Engineering Ltd whose core business is the design and manufacture of high performance conventional and superconducting electromagnets and coils. It supplies manufacturers of medical and semiconductor processing equipment and international research laboratories. Tesla believes that the capabilities of Futura in fibre-reinforced composites will allow the new group to satisfy more of the requirements of customers of both Futura and Tesla and that its resources will enhance the capability of Futura.

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