Honeycombed Plastic - Steel and Timber of the Future

01 August 2000

Kalman Engineering Co. has developed and patented a family of extremely lightweight, strong and inexpensive load-bearing structures - ValueComb(TM). ValueComb(TM) is made of a honeycomb-like plastic core between two so-called "facesheets. ValueComb(TM) can be produced in virtually any extrudable size with great consistency and at such a low cost that they will become the basic "value-added" raw material for most load-bearing structures of the future - replacing metals, timber, brick, gypsum, paper, paint and other traditional building materials in houses, bridges, ships, furniture, railroad cars, shipping boxes, and a host of other uses. The strength-to-weight ratio of ValueComb(TM) is claimed to be close to space and aircraft structures. The company has finished the development, patenting and business planning stage. Now it seeks money to build the first prototype plant and sell the initial product.

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