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Recycled Solutions For Industry Inc Selects Beta Sites For Resins

05 April 2000

Recycled Solutions For Industry (RSI) announced that four North American composite manufacturers have agreed to serve as Beta test sites for the Company's proprietary "Version" line of environmentally friendly resins. All of the Beta site companies utilize the pultrusion method of composite manufacturing. However, the Company believes its resin systems are applicable in most other composite manufacturing technologies. The four facilities will be producing products with RSI's resins to finalize manufacturing processes and parameters. In addition, products will be tested to determine specific qualities of strength, weight, durability, impact resistance, etc. The company believes its urethane based resins will deliver superior results in all categories based on testing which it has completed to date. Beta testing will begin in mid-April and continue through May. Testing will be undertaken at Glasforms Inc, Omniglass Ltd, ADS Composites Group and Pultronex.

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