Owens Corning acquires Conwed Designscape

05 April 2000

Owens Corning announced its acquisition of Conwed Designscape, the volume leader in acoustic panels in North America. The acquisition supports Owens Corning's commitment to establishing a leadership position within the growing, yet fragmented, acoustics market. Conwed primarily produces fabric-wrapped wall panels that help improve sound quality in commercial and institutional settings, such as offices, auditoriums and classrooms. It provides Owens Corning with a strengthened position in the architectural specification community through its sales network and reputation, as well as additional manufacturing capacity. Conwed's strength is in the customized wrapped panel market, which have both a fiber glass and mineral wool core. Since launching its Acoustic Systems Business in January 1999, Owens Corning has taken a number of steps to increase its share of the acoustics market, which is estimated at $5 billion.

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