CARH Opens WorldStar Production in the Far East

26 April 2000

Composite Automobile Research, Ltd has entered into a unique purchase agreement for the Master License in the country of Pakistan. The purchaser of the Master License is Automotive Technology Opportunities Inc., (ATO), a Nevada corporation headquartered in Springfield, Ill. WTA has concluded that Pakistan can sustain the building of approx. 90 factories, by way of population. Automotive Technology Opportunities Inc. plans to order and pay for their first factory no later than May 31, 2000. It is further anticipated that as each factory is brought on-line in Pakistan that it will be retrofitted to become a 3 car per day facility versus the standard 1 car per day factory. It is anticipated that the first factory will be located in the city of Lahore, one of the most densely populated regions of the country. Composite Automobile Research and World Transport Authority Inc., serve the emerging world's transportation needs through in-country manufacturing facilities utilizing local semi-skilled labor to produce the WorldStar((R)) line of utility vehicles.

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