Fiberglass Recycling Firm Approved to Start Up in Morristown, Ind

12 April 2000

Town leaders have endorsed a $10 million bond for a fiberglass recycling firm moving into the abandoned Detroit Steel factory. EFTEC will take waste from Knauf Fiber Glass and turn it into tiles used for acoustic insulation. EFTEC plans to open in about six months, creating 55 jobs, plant manager David Rhind said. "We initially will start up with one shift, then add a second shift in six months and a third shift in another six months," Rhind said. The plant should have about 90 employees within three years. EFTEC will take about 11 million pounds of waste fiberglass from Knauf -- material that formerly went to landfills -- and turn it into a medium-density fiberglass board. The product is ideal for soundproofing movie theaters and directing sound in concert halls.

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