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12,500psi Lightweight Hydrogen Storage Cylinder

  • Thursday, 18th July 2002
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Dynetek Industries has successfully tested the world’s first 12,500psi (825bar) lightweight hydrogen storage cylinder.

The design features a non-permeable aluminum liner wrapped with high strength carbon fiber. The 12,500psi cylinder was developed for hydrogen storage for fueling stations that are capable of fast filling the next generation of Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV). These vehicles will have onboard storage of compressed hydrogen at 10,000psi (700bar).

“”This is a significant achievement and milestone in the advancement of hydrogen storage for stationary applications,”” said Mr. Heinz Portmann, President and Chief Executive Officer. “”This provides further evidence that compressed hydrogen holds the clearest promise to be the fuel choice for future FCV’s””, Mr. Portmann went on to say.

The design validation test was performed by Powertech Labs of Surrey, B.C., an independent third party testing agency for cylinder manufacturers, according to ISO, NGV2 and EIHP (European Integrated Hydrogen Project) standards. In the test the cylinder was pressurized to 30,920psi (2130bar), which greatly exceeded the requirement of all the above listed standards for a cylinder with 12,500psi service pressure.

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