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Tool Instructions

The Green Guide Tool will launch in a separate window from your internet browser, so please ensure that all pre-installed pop-up blocking software is switched off, as this may prevent the green guide tool from functioning correctly.

Using the Green Guide Tool

The Green Guide Tool works by using a dynamic questions process which calculates a final Green Guide Rating based upon the answers provided. In order to refine the overall rating, users have the option of editing previous selections and comparing saved models. Additional supporting information is also available during the questions process by clicking the  button.


The first stage is to select a component from the 3 functional units that have been modelled within the study. Click on the next button to progress to the next stage.

Process, resin, fibre and pre-impregnated

This stage of dynamic options are made with selections made in one column e.g. Process, determining the options available in the next column, e.g. Resin, with the number of options expanding or contracting accordingly.

As this dynamic set of questions requires a calculation to be made, it is recommended that the user undertakes this process with a measure of patience, allowing a brief respite for the selections to be processed. Processing time will be determined by the speed of the users internet connection, but should be instantaneous.

Select the Next button when all options have been completed.

To reset the full list of initial options in all categories, select the None selected option for each category.

An opportunity to edit the selections can be made before the Green Guide Rating is calculated by clicking on the Edit button positioned next to the questions catergory text in the left window pane.

Note: the Next button will only appear once the selection process is complete. Please review your selections if the next button does not appear, as a required selection may not have been completed for one of the options.


The questions page provides a selection of options relating to other issues of composite processing, such as type of mould release, gel coat, cleaning etc. When all of the answers have been answered, click on next button to calculate the green guide rating which will present a graphical breakdown of the results.

Supporting Information

During the questions process, additional information relevant to each question is available and can be toggled on/off by clicking on the green  button. This information is displayed directly below the question.

Note: if after selecting the Next button at the end of the questions, the screen does not progress to the next stage, please review the selections and complete any which have been missed as all questions need to be completed before the green guide rating is calculated.

Green Guide Rating

The summary rating is displayed representing the total environmental impact of the chosen composite. All ratings are from A to E (with A having least impact) and are derived from the full range of environmental ratings for all composites possible in this tool within each component. Comparisons should not be made between ratings from different components.

Ratings are also given for each of the individual environmental categories as well as two social scores. Only the environmental category breakdown ratings go towards the summary rating, the social ratings do not. The percentage breakdown of the environmental impact by constituent parts provide a weighting of the impact which are directly related to the answers provided at the previous Questions page.

At this point you can choose to save the model for comparisons. To do this name the model and save. Click on new model and repeat the process with a different set of parameters. On saving the second model you may then directly compare them by ticking the models and pressing compare selected models

Please note that comparisons may only be performed on the same functional unit. You can save many models to compare, however, you cannot save the models and revisit them once you have exited the Green Guide Tool.

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