This document has been produced as the output from a collaborative project, 'A Simplified Guide to Assessing Environmental, Social and Economic Performance for the Composites Industry (COMPASS)', part-funded through the Sustainable Technologies Initiative of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. This guide concentrates on environmental and social impacts.

The production and content of this document has been steered by the following organisations, representing a cross-section of the composites industry, and we would like to acknowledge their valuable input and contributions.

Commissioned research, consultancy and testing services for construction and environment professionals

Composite Tooling and StructuresCTS logo
Manufacturer of high performance composite tooling and components

Curv CompositesCurv logo
Manufacturer and supplier of self reinforced polypropylene

The UK Department Trade and Industry

Engineered CompositesEngineered Composites logo
Specialists in the supply of composite pultruded profiles and continuous sheeting

Fibreforce CompositesFibreforce logo
Specialists in the production of pultruded composite profiles

Hexcel Composites
Manufacturers and suppliers of composite pre-impregnated materials, adhesives and honeycomb

Klargester Environmentalklargester logo
Manufacturer and supplier of specialist pollution control equipment for off-mains sewage solutions, fuel and oil separation and rainwater recycling

Lotus EngineeringLotus logo
Automotive consultants and vehicle production

Menzolit UKMenzolit logo
Manufacturer and supplier of polyester moulding compounds

Michael Stacey Architectsbsr-architects logo
Architects focussing on modern creative designs with an informed use of materials

Network Group for Composites in Construction (NGCC)
Superceded by the Construction Sector Group within the framework of Composite UK, providing a forum for discussion of common issues of working with fibre-reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) in construction, looking to find solutions to these matters, as well as outward facing dissemination of best practice.

Plastech Thermoset TechtronicsPlastech logo
Plastech T T develop solutions for using the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) process in composite product manufacturing

Polymer EngineeringPolymer Engineering logo
Polymer Engineering provide solutions in large and complex thermoset plastic mouldings

PolynormPolynorm logo
Polynorm is a supplier to the automotive industry, specialising in development and production of pressed class - A body panels and components

ReichholdReichhold logo
Reichhold is a supplier of unsaturated polyester resins for composite applications in a wide variety of processes and markets

Saint Gobain VetrotexVetrotex logo
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, in the Reinforcement Branch of Saint-Gobain, specialists in glass-reinforcements

Taylor WoodrowTaylor Woodrow logo
A developer of living and working environments

Vestas Blades UKVestas logo
Vestas is a developer and maintenance provider of wind turbine blades

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Composites Industry News

Fire Retardant Bio-Based Prepreg Used For Lightweight Train Seating Support

Composites Evolution, Bercella and Element Materials Technology (Element) have successfully completed the development and testing of a composite cantilever support for rail passenger seating.

Boeing and Thermwood Demonstrate New 3D Printing Technology

Boeing and Thermwood have employed additive manufacturing technology to produce a large, single-piece tool for the 777X programme. The project is demonstrating that additive manufacturing is ready to produce production quality tooling for the aerospace industry.

Prodrive Develops Process for Recyclable Thermoplastic Composites

UK company Prodrive Composites has developed a process for manufacturing recyclable composite components that can satisfy future end-of-life requirements without any compromise in the performance of the original parts. The company says the P2T (Primary to Tertiary) process not only simplifies recycling, but endows a composite material with the potential to fulfil three or more useful lifetimes.