Portable Repairs

Portable repair systems (sometimes called “Hot Bonders”) are suitcase-sized or smaller units designed to allow for the accurate application of controlled hear (temperature) and vacuum to a composite repair. They are especially useful for field repairs, in situations where it is not possible to remove the damaged part for repair. Portable repair systems are most commonly used to control heat blankets, but can also be used to control heat lamps, hot air guns, or even ovens. They require an electrical power source, and many also require a clean compressed air source. They rely fundamentally on accurate readings from thermocouples.

A thermocouple is a device that uses a circuit of two wires of dissimilar metals or alloys, the two junctions of which are at different temperatures. A net electromotive force (emf), or current, occurs as a result of this temperature difference. This current can be read by various instruments (galvanometer, potentiometer) or by control units such as portable repair systems.

Published courtesy of Abaris Training Resources, Inc