Advanced Engineering 2019

Heating Methods

Accurate temperature control and uniformity are difficult with heat lamps and hot air guns. Temporary ovens and heat blankets offer better control of curing temperature and even distribution of heating.

A heat blanket the same size as the repair area is too small. Heat blankets must be considerably larger than the area being cured. For example, an 8inch (200mm) diameter circular repair will require at least a 12inch (300mm) diameter heat blanket. Using this size of blanket allows for thermocouple placement well inside the blanket edges. Controlling thermocouples placed near the edge will make the blanket overheat, causing a very real fire risk and a damage risk to the component. Also, temperatures drop within 2 inches of the blanket’s edge. At the very edge of the blanket, the temperature is easily 100ºF (55ºC) colder than at its center.

Published courtesy of Abaris Training Resources, Inc