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In composite laminates, the axis in the plane of the laminate which is perpendicular to the x-axis.


Similar to Yield (see) but used to describe the linear density of “bare glass” or an unsized product. Yardage specifies the number of yards of glass required to weigh one pound. It is measured in hundreds. For example, K18 is a K fiber diameter that has 1800 yards in one pound of glass.


An assemblage of twisted filaments, fibres, or strands, either natural or manufactured, to form a continuous length that is suitable for use in weaving or interweaving into textile materials.


Yield refers to the linear density of a roving or yarn and is measured as the number of yards per pound.

Young’s Modulus

The ratio of normal stress to the corresponding strain for tensile or compressive stresses less than the proportional limit of the material.