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In reinforced plastics, the saturation of the reinforcement with a resin.


A physical and mechanical discontinuity occurring within a material or part, usually consisting of solid, encapsulated foreign material. Inclusions are often capable of transmitting some structural stresses and energy fields, but in a noticeably different manner from the parent material.


A substance that retards polymerisation, thus extending shelf life of a monomer. Also used to influence gel time and exotherm.

Injection Moulding

Method of forming a plastic to the desired shape by forcibly injecting the polymer into the mould.


An integral part of a plastics moulding consisting of metal or other material which may be moulded into position or pressed into the moulding after the moulding is completed.


The boundary or surface between two different, physically distinguishable media. On fibres, the contact area between fibres and sizing or finish. In a laminate, the contact area between the reinforcement and the laminating resin.


Existing or occurring between two or more adjacent laminae.


Having uniform properties in all directions. The measured properties of an isotropic material are independent of the axis of testing.

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