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Where molten thermoplastic or liquid thermoset resin enters the cavity in a tool.


A partial cure of plastic resins; a semi-solid, jelly-like state similar to gelatin in consistency.

Gel Coat

A resin applied to the surface of a mould and gelled prior to lay-up. The gel coat becomes an integral part of the finished laminate, and is usually used to improve surface appearance and protect the laminate from the environment.

Gel Point

The stage at which a liquid begins to exhibit pseudoelastic properties. (This stage may be conveniently observed from the inflection point on a viscosity-time plot). 

Gel Time

Time required to change a flowable liquid resin into a non-flowing gel.


Glass fibre-reinforced plastic, polymer or polyester.

Glass Cloth

Conventionally woven glass fibre material; certain lightweight glass fabrics are also called scrims.

Glass Content

Percentage of glass in the compound.

Glass Fibre

Reinforcing fibre made by drawing molten glass through bushings. The predominant reinforcement for polymer matrix composites, it is known for good strength, processability and low cost.

Glass Resin Ratio

The amount of glass by weight compared to the amount of resin by weight in a finished laminate or moulding.

Glass Rich

An area of moulded part that has an overabundance of glass reinforcement. The reinforcement may appear dry and unwet with the resin.


A visual defect in a fibre glass reinforced cured organic (usually corrosion resistant resin) panel. The defect appears as many small visible unwet or foreign substances; a salt and pepper effect. The defect is not visible before cure but appears at exotherm of the panel.

Graphite Fibres

This term is used interchangeably with carbon fibres throughout the industry.

Green Strength

The strength of a freshly moulded part that hasn’t completely cured.


Glass-reinforced plastic, polymer or polyester.

Gun Roving

A special type of roving reinforcement designed for use in a gun or chopper gun.


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