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A borosilicate glass; the type most used for glass fibres for reinforced plastics; suitable for electrical laminates because of its high resistivity.

Ejection / Demoulding

The process of removing a moulding from the moulding impression; by mechanical means, by hand, or by the use of compressed air.

Ejection Plate

A metal plate used to operate ejector pins; designed to apply a uniform pressure to them in the process of ejection.


A strand of roving consisting of a given number of filaments gathered together. The group of filaments is considered an “end” or strand before twisting, a “yarn” after twist has been applied. An individual warp yarn, thread, fibre, or roving.

End Count

The number of strands contained in a roving.

Epoxy Plastic

A polymerisable thermoset polymer containing one or more epoxide groups and curable by reaction with amines, alcohols, phenols, carboxylic acids, acid anhydrides, and mercaptans. An important matrix resin in composites and structural adhesive.


The liberation or evolution of heat during the curing of a plastic product.