Webinar: Industry Challenges - Machining composite parts

MSP have many years' experience solving common and complex manufacturing problems within the composites industry and know how to achieve precision and error-free parts. 

In this webinar: 'Industry Challenges - Machining composite parts', MSP will share their knowledge and address the challenges companies face when machining composite parts and explain how they can be solved.

In particular, the webinar aims to explore and answer the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to use best fit alignment on a machine tool?
  2. My parts are distorted, how can I machine them correctly?
  3. My Condition of Supply is poor, can I still machine a good part?
  4. I can’t fixture my part as per assembly, can I machine it correctly?
  5. Distortion means my hole patterns and countersinks are incorrect, how do I resolve this?

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