Composites in Sustainable Mobility

A symposium is organised by IBN Composieten / Agoria, Sirris / SLC and KU Leuven with support of the Gent Design Museum. 

How will composite materials support the future of mobility, and what can we learn from current trends and innovations? Join the Symposium on 30th of January 2019 in Ghent!

Program Part 1

  • 09.30: Welcome, coffee & sandwiches
  • 10.00: Opening address on behalf of Agoria by Wouter Geurts (Agoria)>
  • 10.05: Intro 'Composites in Sustainable Mobility' and 'Fixed Fibre' by Ignaas Verpoest (KU Leuven)
  • 10.20: Vision on Sustainable Mobility by Ichiro Taketa, Toray;Shpresa Kotaji, Huntsman; Ludovic Odoni, Solvay
  • 12.00: The 'Eco-calculator' (EUCIA)
  • 12.15: Lunch

Program Part 2: Case studies

  • 13.10: Robert Boehm, TU Dresden: 'Lightweight solutions for tomorrow's urban mobility': FiF, InEco, trace
  • 13.30: Willem T'Hooft, Formula Electric Belgium (KULeuven) on 'Formula Electric Belgium: Green innovation meets performance '
  • 13.50: Michel Perraudin (Geneva University, Switzerland) on 'Designing the Biobike and (b) mobile'
  • 14.10: Peter Cosyn (Delair, Belgium) on 'The development of the UX5 drone'

coffee break till 15.10 - Program Part 3:

  • 15.10: Jan Kroon, FiberCore, NL on 'Composites in bridges'
  • 15.30: Glorious Dries, Maximilian Segl (Ottobock, Germany) on 'Composites in prostheses / ortheses'
  • 15.50: Jan Verhaeghe (VDL) on "'Composites in nozzles, trailers and containers'
  • 16.10: Stijn Schouwenaars (Arcadis Belgium): 'Future vision on ultra-light personal mobility'
  • 16.30: Jean-Marc Timmermans, Agoria, on 'Vision on mobility in the future'
  • 16.50: Concluding remarks, Linde De Vriese (Sirris / SLC)

Program Part 4:

  • 17.00 Visit to EXHIBITION 'Fibre Fixed, Composites in Design' and subsequent networking drink, Ghent Design Museum, Jan Breydelstraat 5, 9000 Ghent


Oude Vismijn, Veerleplein

Rekelingestraat 5
9000 Ghent

+32 9 247 47 68

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