Composite Material Day

The major objections to a wider use of composites across industries are the cost of the composite materials and the difficulties of engineering composite structures. Advanced composites modelling and simulation tools and solutions are helping in making composites more affordable and more predictable. The affordability is achieved by enabling the engineer to work with the right amount of material and optimal mix of composites (from chopped to continuous fibres) and corresponding (automated) manufacturing process. The predictability can be reached by using multi-scale modelling technology to go down to the constituents for a more accurate assessment of the composite behaviour until failure.

e-Xstream engineering and Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) are organising a full day event dedicated to composites, where you will learn how virtual engineering - with a special focus on advanced material modelling - can help you save valuable design and testing time and cost, while building lighter, better and safer products.

The event hosts best-in-class industry speakers, such as NCC, AMRC, Aston Martin, DSM, Stratasys, ... presenting about key topics from the aerospace, automotive and additive manufacturing industries. It also offers a 2-hours Hands-On session on Digimat, the composite materials modelling technology. During the breaks you will have the opportunity to network with your industry peers, discuss with the speakers and visit the exhibition of partners and material suppliers. A guided tour of the Automotive Composites Research Centre at WMG will be organised during the day.


International Laboratory of WMG

6 Lord Bhattacharyya Way


Mira Toth

+352261776607 21

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