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6th Annual Conference of the CDT in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science

The 6th Annual Conference of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science will be held in the Queen's Building, at the University of Bristol, on Tuesday 11 April 2017


09:00 Tea/Coffee and Posters - Central Design Office, Queen's Building

10:00 Presentations - Pugsley Lecture Theatre, Queen's Building

Professor Paul Weaver, Director of the ACCIS CDT

Introduction and update on CDT activities

Third and Fourth Year CDT Students

Technical presentations on current PhD research

  • UV-responsive liquid crystal elastomers for room temperature shape change (Laura Beckett)
  • Inverse opals for colour display devices (Diego Bracho Garcia)
  • Development of liquid processable BT resins (Robert Iredale)
  • Creating folds: for origami inspired morphing in paper architectures (Manu Mulakkal)
  • Embracing nonlinearities in structural design (Bradley Cox)

11:00 Tea/Coffee Break (15 minutes) - Pugsley Lecture Theatre Foyer

  • Realising the potential of carbon fibre composites in compression (Jakub Rycerz)
  • Minimising forming defects in the diaphragm forming process by reducing interply friction and the effect on structural performance (Logan Wang)
  • A novel fibre steering technology that allows for nature inspired composite aircraft designs: CTS (Continuous Tow Shearing) (Evangelos Zympeloudis)

Second Year CDT Students

2-minute-2-slide quick-fire project introductions

  • Research represents all four themes of the CDT with wide scope. For example, elements of new manufacturing processes (3D printed patient specific hip implants), bio-inspired design (laminated composite plates based on fish anatomy), and sustainable development (closed loop recycling, and design of efficient, robust wind turbine blades)

12:30-13:30 Buffet Lunch and Posters - Central Design Office, Queen’s Building



University of Bristol

Senate House 
Tyndall Avenue 


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