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Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Materials

Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Materials

This extended multi-module brings together three of our most popular live online training courses to provide a comprehensive introduction to fibre-reinforced polymer composites. Drawing on the content from modules "What is a Composite Material?", "Polymer Matrices for Composites" and "Composite Reinforcements and Additives", this course is suitable for both commercial and technical staff - it assumes no prior knowledge of polymers or composites.

The full programme is as follows:

1. What is a Composite Material?

Composite Materials – An Overview

  • Definitions.
  • Examples.
  • Brief history.
  • Pros and cons.

Constituents of a Composite

  • Fibre reinforcements.
  • Polymer matrices.

How a Composite Works

  • Stiffness and strength.
  • The roles of the constituents.
  • The directionality of composites.
  • Typical characteristics.

Live Question and Answer Session.


2. Polymer Matrices for Composites

What is a Polymer?

  • Definitions.
  • Examples.
  • How they are made.
  • Their unique behaviour.
  • Their role in composites.

Thermoplastic or Thermoset?

  • Definitions.
  • Characteristics of a thermoset.
  • Characteristics of a thermoplastic.
  • Resin terminology.

Types of Thermosetting Matrix

  • Unsaturated polyester resin.
  • Vinyl ester resin.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • Phenolic resin.

Types of Thermoplastic Matrix

  • Commodity thermoplastics.
  • Engineering thermoplastics.
  • Speciality high performance thermoplastics.

Bio-polymer Matrices

Live Question and Answer Session.


3. Composite Additives and Additives

Types of Fibre Reinforcements

  • Glass.
  • Carbon.
  • Advanced thermoplastics (aramids, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene).
  • Natural fibres.
  • Comparative performance.

Self-reinforced Plastics

  • Definition.
  • Examples.

Other Ingredients

  • Cores.
  • Fillers.
  • Coatings.

Live Question and Answer Session.


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