Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Material Processing

Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Material Processing

This multi-module is a convenient compilation of three of our live online training courses - "What is a Composite Material?", "Intermediate Materials" and "Composite Material Processing". It provides a comprehensive introduction to composite materials and their moulding operations. By the end of the course you will be familiar with the various composite material formats that are commonly processed, as well as the specific processing methods that are used and their relative advantages and disadvantages. This course is suitable for both commercial and technical staff - it assumes no prior knowledge of polymers or composites.

The full programme is as follows:

1. What is a Composite Material?

Composite Materials – An Overview

  • Definitions.
  • Examples.
  • Brief history.
  • Pros and cons.

Constituents of a Composite

  • Fibre reinforcements.
  • Polymer matrices.

How a Composite Works

  • Stiffness and strength.
  • The roles of the constituents.
  • The directionality of composites.
  • Typical characteristics.

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2. Intermediate Materials

What is an Intermediate Material?

Reinforcing Fibre Formats

  • Fibre types.
  • Unidirectional tows and rovings.
  • Woven fabrics.
  • Non-crimp fabrics.
  • Random fibre mat.


  • Production.
  • Applications.

Commingled Composites

  • Production.
  • Applications.

Moulding Compounds

  • Sheet moulding compounds.
  • Bulk / dough moulding compounds.
  • Applications.

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3. Composite Material Processing

The Composition of a Composite

Composite Manufacturing Processes - An Overview

Selecting a Process

Advantages and Disadvantages

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