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Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Material Design

Live Online Training: Multi-module - Introduction to Composite Material Design

For those seeking an introduction to designing with composites, this three hour live online training course brings together modules "What is a Composite Material?", "Composite Material Properties" and "Designing with Composites". The course explores how the properties of composites are derived from their constituent fibre reinforcements and polymer matrices, and discusses some of the particular challenges of designing with directional materials with competing failure modes, be they laminates or sandwich structures.

Whilst the course assumes no prior knowledge of polymers or composites, it is primarily aimed at those with an engineering background who require an understanding of some of the challenges and issues of designing with composites and estimating their performance.

The full programme is as follows:

1. What is a Composite Material?

Composite Materials – An Overview

  • Definitions.
  • Examples.
  • Brief history.
  • Pros and cons.

Constituents of a Composite

  • Fibre reinforcements.
  • Polymer matrices.

How a Composite Works

  • Stiffness and strength.
  • The roles of the constituents.
  • The directionality of composites.
  • Typical characteristics.

Live Question and Answer Session


2. Composite Material Properties

Fibre and Matrix Properties

  • Reinforcing Fibre Properties.
  • Matrix Resin Properties.

Fibre Volume Fraction and Mass Fraction

Rule of Mixtures for Estimating Composite Properties

Effect of Reinforcement Format

Effect of Fibre Orientation

Typical Composite Properties

Additional Complexity

Live Question and Answer Session


3. Designing with Composites

Estimating Thickness

Estimating Stiffness

Estimating Strength

Sandwich Design

Design Codes

Practicalities of Optimisation and Design

Live Question and Answer Session


Live Online Training



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