Live Online Training: Introduction to Thermoplastic Matrix Composites

Live Online Training: Introduction to Thermoplastic Matrix Composites

Course Overview

Interest in thermoplastic composites is growing. They now offer real alternatives to traditional thermoset-based composites which rely on an irreversible and generally quite slow cure cycle. In contrast, thermoplastic composites can utilise very fast thermoforming manufacturing processes and can be re-shaped upon the application of heat. This opens-up manufacturing, reuse and recycling options that are not open to thermosets. In addition they can offer impact-resistance and weight-saving advantages.

This hour-long live online training module provides an introduction to thermoplastic matrix composites, including the materials commonly used, the formats of those materials and the methods of processing them.

This module is aimed at people who already have a basic understanding of polymers, fibres and composites.

The full programme is as follows:


  • the market
  • thermosets versus thermoplastics
  • key considerations

Formats and types of thermoplastic composites:

  • the manufacturing chain
  • relation to forming technologies
  • types

Processing routes for thermoplastic composites:

  • injection
  • compression
  • tape placement
  • infusion
  • extrusion
  • pultrusion

Live question and answer session.


Expert Presenter

Chris Hare, NetComposites Ltd


Live Online Training


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