Live Online Training: Introduction to Nanocomposites

Live Online Training: Introduction to Nanocomposites

Course Overview

The addition of small quantities of nanoscale particulates, such as nanoclays, carbon nanotubes, nanographite and graphene can be an effective means of modifying the properties of a polymer matrix composite. Mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties and fire performance can all be enhanced through the selective addition of nanoparticles. However, this is an emerging technical area and challenges remain, particularly in terms of ensuring uniform nanoparticulate dispersion in up-scaled composite manufacturing.

This hour-long live online training module provides an introduction to nanocomposites, including the materials, their processing and the achievable improvements in performance. It is aimed at people who already have a basic understanding or polymer composite materials.

The full programme is as follows:

Nanocomposites – an overview:

  • definitions
  • a brief history
  • the challenges
  • examples
  • market overview

Producing a nanocomposite:

  • commonly used nanoparticulates
  • thermoplastic matrix nanocomposites
  • thermosetting matrix nanocomposites
  • How nanocomposites work
  • mechanical properties
  • electrical and thermal properties
  • fire performance

Live question and answer session.


Expert Presenter

Dr Ben Hargreaves, NetComposites Ltd


Live Online Training


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