Live Online Training: Designing with Composites

Live Online Training: Designing with Composites

Designing with composites is typically more complex than designing with metals. Much of this complexity arises from the directional properties of composites and their multi-phase nature that gives rise to various possible failure modes.

This hour-long live online training module provides an introductory overview of some of the techniques that are available to a designer for estimating the properties and performance of simple composite parts. Particular attention is given to the specific challenges associated with composite design with the intention of helping designers to make an informed decision as to the most suitable approach for a particular analysis.

This module is intended for for those with an engineering or scientific background, although it assumes no prior specialist knowledge of polymers or composites.

The full program is as follows:

Estimating Thickness

Estimating Stiffness

Estimating Strength

Sandwich Design

Design Codes

Practicalities of Optimisation and Design

Live Question and Answer Session

Expert Presenter

Dr Joe Carruthers, NetComposites Ltd

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