Live Online Training: Composite Material Properties

Live Online Training: Composite Material Properties

Course Overview

The properties of a composite will be largely dependent upon the properties of its constituent fibre reinforcements and polymer matrix. This live online training module examines the properties of typical fibres and polymers, and shows how these can be used to estimate the properties of a resulting composite.

This module is suitable for for those with an engineering or scientific background, although it assumes no prior specialist knowledge of polymers or composites.

The full program is as follows:

Fibre and Matrix Properties

  • Reinforcing Fibre Properties
  • Matrix Resin Properties

Fibre Volume Fraction and Mass Fraction

Rule of Mixtures for Estimating Composite Properties

Effect of Reinforcement Format

Effect of Fibre Orientation

Typical Composite Properties

Additional Complexity

Live Question and Answer Session


Expert Presenters

Dr Joe Carruthers, NetComposites Ltd


Live Online Training


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