EU-US Workshop 2016

Graphene Flagship EU-US Workshop on 2D Materials, Heterostructures and Devices

This workshop, focused on 2D materials beyond graphene and their heterostructures will address:

  • techniques that can enable the scalable synthesis of these materials;
  • controlling layer number and defect density;
  • understanding doping mechanisms and optimizing contacts for device research;
  • physical properties of planar and vertical heterostructures of 2D materials;
  • developing predictive modeling and simulation techniques, including 2DM discovery;
  • new in situ and ex situ characterization techniques to measure material properties.
The workshop will provide an open technical forum that brings together leading researchers from the US and Europe to discuss cutting-edge research in 2D materials, their heterostructures, and devices based on such materials; it will aim to catalyse collaborations that can lead to bi-lateral personnel exchange at all levels; discuss synergistic mechanisms for sharing research infrastructure to streamline efforts and consolidate resources. As a part of the workshop, three Flagship workpackages ‘Enabling Science’, ‘Enabling Materials’ and ‘Spintronics’ will have an Open Division-I meeting. The workshop will involve the EU Graphene Flagship program administrators and the NSF program directors for planning future collaborative programs.

This is a follow up to the US-EU Workshop on 2D Layered Materials and Devices, Apr. 22‒24, 2015, Arlington, VA.


National Graphene Institute

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