Advanced Engineering 2018

ECO-SEE Indoor Air Quality Workshop

The ECO-SEE project aims to develop specially equipped insulated wall panels from renewable sources using novel chemical processes to enhance the capacity of building materials to buffer moisture, capture VOCs or reduce VOCs by novel nano/micro-particle photocatalytic coatings (

By joining this workshop, participants will get an insight into the current project´s activities and the latest results. Focus will be put on sustainability, environmental compatibility, certification and Life Cycle Analysis issues. We aim at having an active discussion with construction industry stakeholders on their desires and needs.

Going beyond ECO-SEE, three other EU-funded projects of the AMANAC cluster ( will take part in the workshop and share their findings.

H-House aims to propose innovative sustainable façades and partition walls based on earthen materials, optimised cementitious materials with modified surfaces and elements made of wooden/cellulose materials (

BRIMEE aims to develop a new insulation material based on a Nano-Crystalline Cellulose (NCC) foam, strengthened with naturally derived resin, providing self-extinguishing features (

OSIRYS aims to develop forest-based bio composites for façades and interior partitions to be applied in retrofitting and new building construction (



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