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Classroom Training: An Introduction to Composites for Commercial Staff

Classroom Training: An Introduction to Composites for Commercial Staff

This one-day course has been specifically designed for people working within the composites industry in non-technical roles (e.g. sales, marketing, finance, human resources, administration, etc.), who need to be conversant with composite materials and their terminology, but who don’t necessarily have a scientific background. It is also suitable for those outside the composites industry who are looking for a gentle introduction.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of composites, starting with the most basic fundamentals and progressing at a comfortable rate to cover all of the key aspects of composite materials, their manufacturing and their applications without excessive technical detail. Extensive use is made of hands-on material samples throughout the day to aid visualisation and understanding.

Topics covered:

What is a Composite Material?  

  • What is meant by the term “composite material”
  • What a composite material is made from
  • How a composite material works
  • The advantages and disadvantages of composite materials

Polymer Matrix Composites

  • What is a polymer
  • Why polymers are different from other materials
  • The differences between thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers
  • Which types of thermosetting matrices are commonly used in composites and how they perform
  • Which types of thermoplastic matrices are commonly used in composites and how they perform

Composite Reinforcements & Additives

  • Which types of reinforcement are commonly used in composites and how they perform
  • What is a self-reinforced polymer
  • Which other composite ingredients you might encounter

Intermediate Materials

  • What is meant by an intermediate material
  • Why we use intermediate materials
  • The different forms of intermediate materials
  • How intermediate materials are produced

Composite Material Processing

  • Overview of the various composite material manufacturing processes
  • How to select the best process for a given part
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the various manufacturing routes

Applications of Composites

  • The strengths and weaknesses of composite materials
  • Design considerations with composite materials
  • Key applications of composite materials
  • Why and when composite materials are used instead of other materials

Composite Material Failure

  • Mechanical failure of composites
  • Environmental degradation of composites, including fire, smoke, and toxicity
  • Examination and inspection of composite materials
  • Repair of composite material

The course costs £349 (ex. VAT) per delegate to attend. This includes a full day’s tutoring and course notes, as well as lunch and refreshment breaks.


Expert Presenters

Dr Joe Carruthers, NetComposites Ltd




4a Broom Business Park
Bridge Way
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+44 (0) 12465 266244

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