International Conference on Light Weight Design of Marine Structures

The modern trend in selection of materials for high strength-weight ratio is governed by the growing need for low-cost high performance structures. The amount of material has a direct bearing on cost. Therefore the first step towards the cheapest structure is to minimise the weight without disproportionately affecting the fabrication cost.

Cost saving is one of the criteria for successful structural engineering and transport applications. The use of strong but light-weight members helps to achieve this in that the overall stress levels in a construction are reduced together with handling, manipulation and pay-load cost. These factors are important in such applications as ships, high speed vessels and offshore structures.

As light-weight applications mean the use of strong but low-density materials, alloys of aluminium are generally used. However, new approaches in fabrication techniques are leading to increased use of fibre-reinforced plastics.

The conference invites papers on all aspects of the design and fabrication of light-weight structures. The various themes are:

  • Ship and Offshore Structures
  • LCC and LCA
  • Optimisation
  • Fatigue & Durability
  • Risk Analysis & Safety
  • Design Methods
  • Joining Technologies
  • Production
  • Inspection & Repair
  • Adhesive Joints

The Programme will include invited papers whose aim will be to present the main issues relevant to the above themes and application areas, thus providing additional impetus for an open exchange of ideas. 

Who should attend?

  • Structural Engineering Consultant
  • Research People & Practitioners
  • People from ship, offshore & subsea Industries
  • Safety and Structural Integrity Community


The Corinthian Club

191 Ingram St
Merchant City

G1 1DA

+44 (01) 41 552 1101

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