International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition ad Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015

Close interactions between the pure science, innovation and industrial exploitation of the results of research is fundamental to achieve a sustainable use of biomass resources. This is the scope of the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015, which will take place from 21 to 23 October 2015. This new conference is designed to bring together from around the world scientists and industrial people implementing bioenergy technologies. The conference programme has in part been based on the successful format used for the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, that takes places annually in Europe.

The conference programme will cover a range of topics:

  • biomass resources, assessment and production;
  • biomass power and heat;
  • biogas and bio-natural gas (biomethane);
  • biofuels and future transportation energy;
  • biomass utilisation strategies and sustainability.

There will be a focus on how scientific innovations can be efficiently exploited, what are the needs of the cutting edge industries leading the way with scaling up of technologies, what are the research priorities in the minds of industry and policy makers and how can sustainability be maintained.

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Who will be there?

International speakers:
Distinguished international personalities will participate to IBSCE Conference. About 200 speakers from around the world will talk about bioenergy in Asia.

International delegate’s:
International researchers, engineers, technologists, stakeholders from standard and scientific organisations, global investors, financing institutions, International and Asian policy and decision makers will meet in Shanghai to discuss the role of bioenergy in the Asian context.

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Equipment producers, distributors, feedstock suppliers, energy plant manufacturers, service providers, research institutes, project developers and associations are expected at IBSCE to showcase their products and expertise.

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No 66 Caobao Road Xuhui District


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