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CUR96 Recommendation FRP Structures Update

  • Wednesday 9th October 2019
  • Delft, The Netherlands
  • Free to attend

Wednesday 9 October 2019 Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch National Group of IABSE organize together with CROW the seminar ‘CUR96 Recommendation FRP Structures UPDATE.The Dutch National Groups of IABSE, Rijkswaterstaat and CROW organises this seminar together. After the seminars in 2012 and 2013, held in Utrecht at the Rijkswaterstaat building the Dutch CUR96 ‘Fibre-reinforced polymers in buildings and civil engineering structures’ got a revision and is translated in English. Both versions will be published by CROW, starting at 9 October 2019.

To celebrate this publication a short seminar is organised and consists some strategy talks from Rijkswaterstaat and the Province of Fryslân, the most important revision aspects of the CUR96, the FRP research of the Delft University of Technology. The final lecture is coming from CEN WG4 FRP Structures about the progress to come to a Eurocode FRP Structures in the future. Handing over the first updated CUR96 to Rijkswaterstaat by CROW will be the closing action.


Chaired by Ane de Boer (IABSE-NL)

15.00   Walk-in

15.30   Opening by Ane de Boer, chairman CUR96 and IABSE TG3.2 ‘FRP Structures’

15.35   Henrik Hooijmeijer, Rijkswaterstaat, Program Renovation and Replacement of Structures

16.00   Edward Herzog, Province Fryslân, Strategy to Durability and Biobased Structures

16.25   Liesbeth Tromp, CUR96, Revision aspects CUR96 Update

16.50   Marko Pavlović, Delft University of Technology, DUT research aspects FRP

17.15   Luigi Ascione, CEN-WG4, Progress to come to an Eurocode FRP

17.40   CROW, Hand over of the first CUR96 Update Recommendation to Rijkswaterstaat

17.45+ Closing + Refreshments


Registration of this event is obliged on this webpage. The seminar is free of charge. You will get inspiring knowledge for this as well as an increased network of contacts and catering. Register quickly since the number of  participants is limited to max. 100 persons.


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