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2nd CIRP Conference

  • Thursday 10th - Friday 11th October 2019
  • Sheffield, UK
  • Paid event

The 2nd CIRP CCMPM continues on from the success of the 1st conference of its kind, which was founded in 2017 by our esteemed colleagues, Professor Jürgen Fleischer and Professor Roberto Teti, and held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The conference is a great opportunity for experts from academia and industry in the field of composite manufacturing to present and discuss their findings on a very high level, stimulating and supporting industrial and scientific endeavour in this field.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of this conference series is to bring together and share novel production research, technologies and solutions across the global composite manufacturing community.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives of the conference were established:

  • To bring together international specialists from the industry and academia to present recent advances and trends associated with composite manufacturing operations.
  • To stimulate constructive discussion between process developers and end-users.
  • To provide an opportunity for participants to develop networking interactions.
  • To identify the current status on composite manufacturing operations and to provide recommendations and perspectives for future research.


The scientific program will cover formal sessions devoted to, but not limited to:

Design & Lifecycle

  • Composite recycling and sustainability
  • Part design technology – structural reliability
  • Composite characterisation methods
  • Smart structure design – multi-functional composites
  • Part modelling, fibre matrix interaction
  • Multi-functional composite parts
  • Structural analysis and optimisation
  • Lightweighting

Part Generation

  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Preforming and handling technology
  • Automation and digital twin
  • Quality control and process monitoring
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Integrated composite structures
  • 3D composite manufacturing

Part Finishing & Assembly

  • Post processing technology
  • Part finishing technology
  • Finishing and assembly structural monitoring
  • Joining technology
  • Digital assembly
  • Part machining quality management
  • NDT and in-process inspection of composites
  • Machinability
  • Non-conventional machining
  • Modelling of post processing

The 2nd CIRP CCMPM will take place at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Within the AMRC’s world-leading research and innovation network, the AMRC’s Composite Centre focuses on designing, generating, finishing and assembling composite parts, including hybrid parts combining high-performance metals and composites in a single structure. The parts manufactured at the AMRC Composite Centre use innovative manufacturing methods that produce ultra-lightweight parts from composite materials, thus aligning well with the conference aims, objectives and topics.


You can register your place at the conference via the website:

The conference contributions will be published in electronic format by Elsevier and indexed accordingly.

Event Details
  • The AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
    Brunel Way
    S60 5TZ
  • +44 (0)114 222 6667

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