Vestas Wind Systems A/S

Aarhus, Denmark

Vestas’ core business comprises the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of wind technology that uses the energy of the wind to generate electricity.

Our expertise in Modern Energy covers more than just wind turbines. We specialise in planning, installation, operation and maintenance. Our competencies cover everything from site studies to service and maintenance.

As a strong, independent partner, Vestas can supply guidance to customers in connection with the development, financing and ownership of wind power projects. However, we never participate directly in these activities. On the contrary, Vestas is the independent system supplier.

Vestas is distinguished by a high degree of vertical integration. By manufacturing the principal parts of the turbine itself, we increase the flexibility of our product development, reduce dependence on suppliers, and maintain a high level of manufacturing know-how. At the same time, production and sourcing are carried out as close to the market as possible.


Hedeager 42
8200 Aarhus N  


Telephone: +45 97 30 00 00