University of Surrey (School of Engineering)

Guilford, UK

The University of Surrey maintains an active Professional Development programme in Materials Science and Engineering and related disciplines. We have more than fifteen years experience in running intensive short courses (of one week duration), in areas of specialist expertise, and a thriving portfolio of MSc Programmes. The Professional Development programmes in Materials, which are based in the School of Engineering, consist of short courses such as 'Introduction to Composite Materials', 'Composite Materials Technology', 'High Performance Ceramics', 'Surface Analysis' and 'Science of Adhesion'. Any of these courses (modules) can be attended on a one-off basis. Moreover, by taking seven of these modules, completing the associated assessment package and conducting an industry-based project, a part-time student can accumulate sufficient credits for the award of an MSc. Currently there are more than 50 part-time MSc students and the number of people who have attended the courses totals over 2,500. In the Department of Civil Engineering, the Composite Structures Research Unit is concerned particularly with structural applications of fibre reinforced polymer composites, keeping in mind the construction industry practice. Specific areas include (i) static, dynamic, fatigue and long-term loading characteristics of structural units and durability of advanced polymer composite materials concerned with bridges and structures (ii) strengthening and upgrading concrete and steel components, seismic retrofitting and column strengthening (iii) combining conventional materials with composites to utilise the two materials to their best advantage.


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