The Concrete Society

Crowthorne, UK

The Concrete Society is a membership-based organisation serving the needs of all aspects of the concrete construction industry (i.e. materials supply, design, specification, construction, in-service performance, repair and renovation). In December 2000 the Society published the first design guidance for concrete structures externally strengthened with fibre composites, in line with British structural design codes (Technical Report 55). In addition to structural design, the report covers the important matters of the selection of materials, quality control and site workmanship. The work to develop the Technical Report was undertaken with the support and encouragement of a broad cross-section of those involved with strengthening using fibre composites (materials suppliers, owners, specialist designers and contractors, researchers). With similar support the Society has developed guidelines for inspection and monitoring of concrete structures strengthened with fibre composites; the resulting Technical Report 57 will be published early in 2003. In connection with this work, the Society maintains strong links with research organisations working with composites and concrete and is actively involved with the two networks NGCC and CoSACNet. In addition it maintains links with organisations in other countries that are developing similar guidance (such as ISIS Canada).


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